A specialist STEM educator and ambassador teacher is about passion, ambition and inspiring young minds with science, technology, engineering and mathematics including arts and crafts. Being an educator delivering excellence learning to facilitate and encourage pupils to take full control of their goals is rewarding which inspires me to teach those who love to explore further into the world of STEM. Being a member of The National Centre for Computing Education, Out of School Alliance and STEM Learning with great passion, enables me to showcase my whole teaching portfolio which is focused around this philosophy nurturing curiosity, enthusiasm, creativity and enjoyment while delivering an exciting modern syllabus education.

I have many years of experience and skills in teaching ICT (computing) and STEM in primary school whilst working locally with primary schools, I am currently carrying out one-to-one with upper EYFS nurturing their development being proactive furthering the KS1-KS2 computing curriculum including sessions aligned with curriculum guidelines and supporting other local academic schools with cross location collaboration in and around Brackley. Having ambition to find the best solution for the community and schools to further this education.

The objectives and priority is to deliver a high-quality provision education and based on ‘Active Discovery Learning’ and small collaborative classes in conjunction with hands-on STEM workshops, arts, crafts and after school coding clubs to stimulate the development to prepare pupils for their future career journeys. A ‘Certificate of Achievement’ award can be presented to those who would like to gain the next level of computer science for engagement and achievement in STEM. Continuing my provisions providing proactive and inventive teaching methods delivers rewarding experience, nurturing pupils. We are proud to offer that opportunity to critical thinkers, curious minds, creativity and eager hands-on.

Have various experience and training with CPD certifications in safeguarding, first aid, positive behaviour and SEN with multi-sensory, dyslexia, ADHD, autism in education and Level 3 NVQ in Health and Safety.

Three Enhanced DBS Certificates involving schools, nurseries and STEM Learning from Capita Education Resourcing and Safeguarding body are available on request.

by Harvey Sharman

member of Out of School Alliance, The National Centre for Computing Education, and STEM Learning.